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We do campaigns: political, non-profit, business, strategic marketing and branding campaigns. We’re a fun agency headquartered in Lubbock, TX with an additional location in Dallas and industry experts across the State of Texas. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered who was behind some of your favorite West Texas events—look no further. Landtroop Strategies has powered some of your favorites events like the West Texas Home Builders Association Home & Garden Show, Parade of Homes, Dessert with Ben Carson, Steven Curtis Chapman’s Show Hope Luncheon, the Lone Survivor in the Lone Star featuring hero Marcus Luttrell and the ever refreshing Lemonade Day. While advertising and promoting is our business, helping our clients build and execute amazing campaigns is our passion.

We are a fun group. Though we take our work very seriously, we certainly don’t afford each other the same courtesy. We are dang good at what we do, but we are not perfect. We have a sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves. Because of the spiritual dynamic Landtroop Strategies was founded upon, we are people of integrity. Quite simply, we do what we say we will do. Our name and reputation are not only valuable to our company brand, but also to each of us individually. If we err, it will most likely be on the side of providing more services and benefits to our clients than what they paid for or expected.

No one looks back
on their life
and remembers the nights
they had plenty of sleep.

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All you need is

20 seconds of insane courage

and I promise you something great will come of it.

Benjamin Mee


I am easily

satisfied with

the very best

Winston Churchhill

I’m intimidated by the fear

of being average.

Taylor Swift

Behind every successful woman

is a fabulous

pair of shoes.

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